xtab's Rust Skin Pix

Back in the saddle.  Here's the top ten, and we name Frostwolf our official number one skin of the week.

xtab's Weekly In-Game Skin Review

Thirteen approvals this week, all Rusty, but for one or two exceptions.  Let's have a look:


xtab's Rust Skin Pix

Well, this week I'm *trying* to take a break. Taking it easy. Here's an abbreviated top 10, I mean top 11 list for your amazement/amusement. Trying to give some love to unloved meshes.

Red Dead Jester
Favorite of the week. Stylish, distinctive, and Rusty.

Outdoorsman Hatchet
Sort of like you just bought it at Home Depot, and took good care of it, so you can take good care of...them.

Sheet Metal Facemask
Sheet metal. A bit shiny, but this is what you could cobble together in the nightmare that is Rust.

Scrapyard Curse
Goofy grin, and lots of Rusty details.

Broken Ankle White
Broken ankles just make sense in Rust.

Simple. Effective. 

Live or Die Spinning Wheel
Build prison cell. Deploy bag. Assign to enemy with attractive name. Watch them spawn. The wheel tells you what to do next.

Leather Boonie Hat
An oldie but goodie.

Ancient Artifact Pick Axe
Gorgeous. Makes picking a pleasure.

Rubber Hazard Mat
Basic, quality, innovative treatment of an unloved mesh.

More next week when I'm baaaaaaack.

xtab's Rust Skin Pix

Workshop submissions were about even week over week, but we are seeing some new artists enter the scene.  Check out the Historical MP5 and Juggernaut Mask, featured below. 

Note that we added one more bonus skin by La Crampe that came out just before we published, because it was too good to leave out.

xtab's Weekly In-Game Skin Review

Twelve approvals this week, all but one quite Rusty and well within the guidelines Facepunch is trying to promote. The one outlier is the Scudpunk hoodie, which is a streamer skin. Read on to get the whole story. 

Best skin of the week: Spitfire MP5 by Estavos.

xtab's Rust Skin Pix

Around 750 submissions this week.  With standards tightening, there are fewer skins to choose from with good chances of approval. But there's still more than enough--Here's the best ten we found.

xtab's Weekly In-Game Skin Review

Twelve approvals this week.  Standards are tightening, and skins which would have easily won approval in the past no longer get by.  In particular, skins which don't fit the post apocalyptic theme of the game are getting rejected. So before you pour the sweat of your brow into a skin, consider:  Could a clever person make or find or maybe repair this item with few tools and machines?