Weekly Workshop Skin Review

This week marks the beginning of a new xtab blog offering, the Weekly Workshop Skin Review. Each week we’ll feature around ten workshop skins which caught our attention and that we’d like to see in the game.  Here’s this week’s picks, in no particular order of preference:


Skull Crusher AK-47: A well detailed AK with a glowing red hot tip. The left side of the gun features a nice screaming skull decal, and there's good detail in all the right places.


Boltface Metal Facemask: Um...Wow.  Just wow.  I don't think we need to say anything more about the Boltface.


Drag Dealer SAP: The engraving on the handle is pleasing, and there is good attention to the trigger and the back of the gun (which the player sees when aiming.  The grip could use a little more attention, and we also think the artist meant to call it the "Drug Dealer SAP" :)


Coalmine Mystery Pickaxe: This popular pickaxe features a convincing wood handle and a glowing, red hot tip.  The top of the blade is well detailed, too.  Note that the red tip glows in the dark, so other players may notice you working at night. 



Vintage Hatchet: Do they even sell hatchets this nice in real life? Upscale Newmans will certainly be happy to own such fancy hatchets. But in keeping with the look of the game, we think the Vintage should be scuffed up a bit more.



Paint Can Protection V. 2: Excellent work in all ways. Clever choice of paint company name, perfect details and colors, and convincingly Rusty. We don't even have any snarky criticism for flaws, because there are none.


Shinobi Cowl: The highly popular Shinobi Cowl. This burlap headwrap really does look good when viewed in the client. The workshop image doesn't do justice to the quality of the work. We see no flaws, but we would like to know what that character means on the forehead.


Hazard Barricade: These barricades should look pretty good in the game, even if many Hazard barricades are placed close together. The skull decal should also help to drive home the idea that trespassers will be shot.


Rustic Box: The game could use a nice small wood box skin. This one is pretty well detailed, but the rope handles on the side are not very convincing.  Nevertheless, this is one of the best small wood boxes we've seen.



Dirty Military Boots: Very solid quality boots which will add to the choices players wearing camo sets have.  Scuffed up and Rusty.