Now I have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho.
— Die Hard, 1988

Christmas is coming, and everyone is looking for that extra special little something that will brighten the lives of their family and friends. For Rust players, nothing says, “I love you” better than a Christmas Tommy Gun, or a new Detroit Death Santa outfit.

Here’s a quick review of some of the best Christmas skins out on the Workshop now.   With a little luck, we may see some of these in the game shop before Christmas.

Santa’s Old Suit, by John Cisors

John Cisors gets into the holiday spirit with Santa’s Old Suit, a faded red snow jacket in saint Nick’s favorite colors.  Let’s everyone know you’re Friendly, but DOES make you stand out a bit.

Santa Coat, by xtab

The Santa Coat by xtab is part of the Detroit Death Santa set, which includes the pants, cap, and this snow jacket.  The material is red car seat vinyl and Santa’s belt is a car seatbelt.  Sure, you’ll stand out a bit, but even the most heartless,  Scroogiest, rooftop sniper couldn’t shoot Santa, could he?

Santa Pants, by xtab

The second piece of the Detroit Death Santa set is the Santa Pants.  Materials are red and white seat vinyl from a ‘77 Chevy Malibu and a couple of cute little skulls sewn into the bottom.

Santa Cap, by xtab

Santa needs a cap to complete his outfit, so the Santa Cap is the final piece in the Detroit Death Santa set.  The material is the same red and white car vinyl as the coat and the pants. The christmas tree air freshener is stapled to the cap so people can tell this is a Santa Cap for Christmas.

Merry Christmas Shotgun, by MDemon

When you were a kid, did you ever wish you’d get a Remington pump action 22 shotgun with polished oak stock for Christmas? I know I sure did!  But I guess I must have been BAD, ‘cause I had to wait until I turned 18 to finally buy one.  But maybe you’ve been GOOD!  Buy the skin and check the airdrops--Santa’s coming to YOU!

Candy Xmas Shotgun, by mytri

Although they pack a strong punch, water pipe shotguns are not that popular in the game, mostly because they are slow to reload. But fire on someone with a Candy X-Mas Shotgun and they’ll be so surprised you’re sure to get a second shot off before they come to their senses and fight back.

Santa’s Little Helper, by xtab

Where would Santa be without his Little Helper?  Imagine your neighbor’s surprise when you knock on his door wearing your Detroit Death Santa outfit! And imagine how much more surprised he’ll be when you pull out Santa’s Little Helper and start dispensing candy to your host and his friends and 720 rounds per minute!

Trophy Box, by xtab

Finally, we have the Trophy Box, by xtab.  The Trophy Box is a skin for the Large Wooden Chest that combines the Holiday spirit with a sense of menace in bright red and gold colors. Can you think of anything you should put in the box?