Friendly Fire

Big raids are CHAOTIC. No plan ever survives contact with the enemy, and when the lead starts to fly you lose track of where everyone is and what they’re supposed to be doing.  Defenders can easily get mixed in with the raiders and nobody knows who is who. Before you know it you’re doing more damage to yourselves than the defenders are.  You need uniforms!

Ideally, your raid uniform is something the defenders aren’t likely to be wearing, which means standard clothing is out. You can get new clothing skins from the Steam market or from the Rust game store, with prices ranging from a few pennies for common things on the Steam market to a few dollars for something more stylish in the Rust Item Store.

No need to worry that someone can loot your skin from you--skins follow you from server to server, and nobody can steal them. You DO need the underlying blueprint to make the item. For example, if you buy an AK skin in the game store, you’ll need the standard AK blueprint on your server before you can make an AK with your new skin. To make an item with a new skin, just select the skin when you craft the item.

There are two schools of thought on choosing a raid uniform:  Camouflage or Colorful.  If you go Camo, it may be harder for your enemies to see you in the dark, but it’s also harder for your friends to see you--friendly fire is more likely.  If you go with bright colors you can pretty much eliminate friendly fire, but you also lose the camouflage advantage.  You’ll have to strike the balance which suits your playstyle best.

Here are a few stylish examples:

Nightmare Sweater

The Nightmare sweater is a good all-around clan uniform shirt.  It is distinctive and pretty easy to recognize over a distance without being so bright as to attract a lot of attention..  You can wear armor over it, but that will make team identification harder. (designed by yuv912^)

Rasta Beanie

Hats and beanies can also be a good way to identify teammates, but they’re harder to see at a distance. The Rasta Beanie is bright and easy to see without making you glow in the dark to snipers.  It also allows for chest armor, but you won’t be able to wear head protection. (designed by imaGG)

60’s Army Jacket

The 60’s Army Jacket by xtab combines a distinctive style with a mid-tone color that keeps you from standing out like a beacon to snipers while remaining easily identifiable at a distance. The base item is a snow jacket (you’ll need the snow jacket blue print to make one), which means you can’t wear body armor while wearing the jacket, but you are completely immune to cold weather. Perfect for snow raids! (designed by xtab!)

Salvaged Shirt, Coat, and Tie

The Salvaged Shirt, Coat, and Tie by xtab makes for a highly recognizable team uniform while remaining hard to see at night. As with the 60’s Army Jacket, you’ll need the snow jacket blue print to make it.  This jacket may be a little hot in the desert, but is perfect for cold weather. (designed by xtab!)

Provocateur Jacket

The Provocateur Jacket is a Rugged Jacket that can be worn over a T-shirt. You’ll need the base item blueprint (rugged jacket) to make the Provocateur Jacket.  It is easy to see and identify from a distance but cannot be worn with body armor.  It however does provide some limited protection from various forms of damage and helps a lot in cold weather. (designed by FAABA)

Murica Balaclava

You won’t have trouble telling teammates apart from enemies if this balaclava is your team uniform, but it may be a little hard to see at a distance.  Wearing it means you can’t wear head protection, but avoiding friendly fire in a big, messy raid is probably more important. (designed by Abracadaniel)