Top Ten Unsung Skins of 2015

‘Tis the season to make top ten lists.  Here’s a list of of our top ten favorite skins that were NOT selected by Facepunch for inclusion in Rust:

Number 10

Skull Beenie, by Kurdi78

This creepy little beanie was entered into the Halloween skins contest, but didn’t win.  We think it’s cute...and kind of evil. Good for a clan uniform.

Number 9

Fisherman Boonie Hat, by Zufic

A simple hat that fits a more survivalist / solo player role.  It’s simple, but it has character.  The little goldfish on the front is perfect.

Number 8

Prisoner Muzzle, by xtab

Ugly, but a good fit for the Rust world.  Imagine getting attacked by naked savages only wearing this muzzle and wielding bone clubs!

Number 7

Semi Auto Pistol / Realism, by CyberGhost

VERY nice work!  We’re surprised this gun didn’t make it into the game.  CyberGhost managed to make the skin look so old and rusted that you’d have to be crazy or desperate to try and fire it. Really, really like this one.

Number 6

Enhanced Priest Shirt, by Abracadaniel

We’re disappointed not to see this shirt in the game.  It’s well detailed, and the necklace and cross seem to hang naturally on the chest.  One of Abracadaniel’s best!

Number 5

First Aid Box, by xtab

This little first aid box turned out to be quite popular, judging from page views in the workshop. It’s scuffed up and dirty, like all things Rust, and we think it would look great in the game.

Number 4

Popcorn Bucket Hat, by Milho Frito

The Popcorn Hat is one of the most creative items in the Workshop!  We really laughed out loud when we saw this one.  If this hat gets included in the game, we’d be happy to buy it and wear it.

Number 3

Plastic Pistol, by xtab

Definitely one of our favorites.  It ain’t a toy…

We here are xtab are very proud of our recently released Wastelander set, so we made the pants and shirt number two and number one in our top ten list. And yes, that’s bias you’re detecting. It’s our list, after all :)
There are three items in the set--the pants, the shirt, and the gloves.  They look great together, so we hope Facepunch chooses to release all three at the same time.

Number 2

Desert Raider Leathers, by xtab

The straps and the knife are good details, but the best part is the tire rubber belt with car seat belt buckle.  They’d definitely make you look like a post apocalyptic savage!

Number 1

Desert Raider Shirt, by xtab

We’re really happy with how this shirt came out, particularly on small details like the dirty linen, poorly sewed leather, and the leather straps.  The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive judging from player comments and workshop page views.

And now, a toast!

We think every one of these skins would make great additions to Rust. We would like to thank Facepunch for the items they have already approved.  It is very encouraging to get an approval, and the positive feedback really keeps us going!

Here’s to hoping we see all ten of these skins in the game in 2016. Cheers!