The Official xtab Asia Server up and running!

New map!

  • Dedicated box
  • Reliable new hosting company
  • Serving Asia, located in Singapore

The Official xtab Asia Server is now up and running, and is the permanent replacement for the old xtab Singapore server.  The server is still located in Singapore, but is now running on a dedicated box with a new and much more responsive hosting company. 

We've left the old server running just to redirect players to the new server.  Players on the new server will have any blueprints they learned on the old server.  Just remember you want to be playing on the ASIA server, not the Singapore server.

The next wipe is scheduled for March 4th.  Facepunch has set the new default map size to 3000, which means the map will be 25% smaller.  We'll go with the new default map size, and we've found an interesting map with an island in the middle which should be a lot of fun.  See you in the game!

Hit F1 in Rust and type: