xtab me!

We're getting a lot of interest and new visitors to the site from a combination of our popular new Salvaged Lace-up Hoodie skin and friends inviting friends to play on the xtab Asia server. So for all you new visitors and players, we just want to say, WELCOME!

xtab operates a Rust server running on a dedicated machine located in Singapore. You can reach it by searching for "xtab" in the community tab in Rust, or jump directly to it by hitting F1 in Rust and typing:


There's an arena death match every Saturday afternoon around 5:00 p.m. Singapore time with prizes.

 Official xtab Asia Server

Official xtab Asia Server

If you haven't seen the Salvaged Lace-up Hoodie skin in our Steam workshop, please drop in and help vote it up. It looks great, it's Rusty, and it needs your votes and comments to help get it included in the game.

Don't forget to follow us on Steam, 'cause we're posting new, original and creative skins every week.