Pistols, Pimps, and Rustpunk Pipes

We've posted a lot of skins recently over at our Steam Workshop, so here they all are, along with some notes on popularity and community reaction.

This Week's Release:

Three individual skins: The American Gadsden Pistol, the Denim Hoodie, and the Tail Gunner Flight Jacket.  Of the three, the Denim Hoodie is the most modest release, but one which may appeal strongly to Facepunch's vision of the game (we hope!).
The Gadsden pistol is a semi-auto pistol with the traditional rattlesnake and "Don't Tread on Me" emblazoned on the barrel, while the Tail Gunner Flight Jacket is a tough looking red and black hoodie.  All three were released 24 hours ago as of this writing, and the Flight Jacket has already soared to the number two spot on the Community Hub, with nearly 3000 views.

The Rustpunk Weapons:

Following the Rustpunk Bolt and the Rustpunk AK, we released the Rustpunk Pistol and the Rustpunk Waterpipe.  Both received a medium-warm reaction from the community--good, but not nearly as popular as the Bolt and the AK.  

Zebra Pimp:

The Zebra Pimp set was also well received, but was not as popular as our top vote getters, like the Spitfire Shotgun, or the Salvaged Lace-up Hoodie...which is a shame, because the Zebra Pimp set is exactly the sort of clothing you would expect to survive the apocalypse.  The Yellow Zebra Pimp Pistol did the best of the set, holding a steady third place on the Community Hub for a week.  Presented here in all their glory:

Ranger Set:

The Ranger set included the three Ranger's Hats, and the Ranger's Vest.  Of all our recent releases, the Ranger set performed the worst...which proves there's no accounting for taste, since we rather liked the set! The Ranger's Vest in particular would make a handsome addition to the game.

Individual Releases:

The remaining items are not part of any particular set.  They include the Duelist Glove, the Sports Jersey in white and black (Hey, Garry, they've got your name on them.  Just sayin', you know.), the Highwayman's Vest, and the Ore Box.  Gamer interest in all of these items was modest, except for the Ore Box.

Ore Box:

The Ore Box was a really big hit! The immense popularity of the ore box is proof that the Rust community STRONGLY desires good looking and easily identifiable boxes for storing their loot.  xtab has made several high quality boxes that we think would be a great addition to the game, all presented together in the Pandora Collection at our Steam Workshop.  Please stop by and check them out!