Fire and Blood

This week we've added a new mini set, Fire and Blood, a new Rustpunk bolt action, and the Explorer Hoodie set.  Judging from views and up-votes, all of the skins have been well received, but the Rustpunk Bolt in particular has been drawing lots of attention.

The Fire and Blood set has an automatic pistol skin and a bucket helmet, both painted, well, like fire and blood.  The two skins would make awesome clan identifiers, and should they get accepted into the game, we'll be sure and make a lot more!

The Explorer Hoodie set has three hoodies--blue, green and brown.   Green has been the most popular by a wide margin, probably because of the camouflage aspect.

We've also added a new skin collection, "From Rust, with Love" consisting of the best of our most recent weapon skins and some from the past which we think deserve a little love, too. Check 'em out at our Steam Workshop, and don't forget to vote them up!