I'm a Lumberjack, and I'm OK

This Week's Release

This week's Rust skin offering is the Lumberjack set--a flannel and jeans clothing set in fair condition, reinforced with leather.  The shirt is doing quite well and ranks number two on the Rust hub as of this writing.
lso published this week is the lovely Engraved Shotgun, which is NOT getting the attention we humbly think it deserves.  And that's a pity, since we really do think it is a solid offering. Perhaps numbers will improve later in the week.

Last Week's Release

Last week's postings included the Charcoal Box, the Tank Crew Vest, and the Rustpunk Shotgun. The box and the vest were only modestly successful, but the shotgun garnered just under 15,000 views, which is quite high for a Rust Workshop skin, and a very pleasing result.  Let's hope Facepunch is watching and will include the skin in the game soon.