Weekly Workshop Skin Review, January 3, 2017

There were a lot of good skins in the workshop this week, but we couldn’t write about them all, so we narrowed the selection down to the ten best skins.  It wasn’t easy, but... we did it!  

First, here’s this week’s xtab releases:


Homemade Handgun: This homemade handgun is built with a combination of real and toy parts which fit together surprisingly well. The gun is as deadly as it is cute--handle with care! 

Rusty Survival Hoodie: A well-preserved button-up nylon hoodie, comfortable and warm.  The back is emblazoned with the logo of some long lost pre-apocalypse business called "Rusty Survival".  Camping supplies, perhaps?

Bloody Sword: A makeshift short sword still wet with the blood of its most recent victim.Who's next?

Master Blaster: A homemade submachine gun, clanky and prone to jam, but kicks like a mule and fires FAST. Master Blaster's got a real cool paint job, too. BIG fun!

Ranger’s Camo Hat: A hat of the sort worn by old world military scouts. It is well preserved, and the logo of whatever long lost army it represented is still clipped to the side. 

Salvaged Submachine Gun: Just barely held together with chewing gum, bailing wire, and duct tape, This Thompson submachine gun may be more dangerous to its user than its target. Best of luck. 

Spitfire Pump: A pump shotgun emblazoned with shark mouth and RAF colors. Puts the fear of God in 'em. 

Gold Digger: A steel pickaxe with a blonde wood carved handle. Originally marketed as a gold prospector's tool, these days it will find better use mining for a more volatile kind of yellow mineral…

Homemade Shotgun: A collection of toy and deadly serious real parts, this pump shotgun actually works. Just don't squeeze the trigger too hard. Bang bang! 

Makeshift Short Sword: A short sword made from a strip of a rusty garden fence tightly bound to some vending machine parts. It's very, very sharp.


And now for the ten best workshop skins of the week:


Metal Shutter Door: If you’re looking for something to make your base seem even more grim and apocalyptic, this skin is for you. It FEELS like a cheap sheet metal door stripped from a third world industrial park or storage unit. Perfectly Rusty.

Sleazy Rider: Holy crap, this is a good skin! We love the undershirt, the biker logos, and the overall appearance of wear and tear.  

Combat Pipe Shotgun: Zufick offers a fine waterpipe shotgun this week. The barrel looks like a motorcycle muffler or some other kind of auto part.  The wood in the stock could use a little touching up to give it a more realistic feel. Regardless, it gives off an awesome mean and angry vibe.

Kryss: A Kryss is a wavy short sword or knife historically associated with Indonesia and similar cultures in Southeast Asia.  This one is actually a longsword in the game, but no matter--the skin looks great! Perfect for running down the beach stabbing nakeds on wipe day.

Ol’ Greasy: An excellent semi-auto pistol from Subza with a racing theme to the gun.  All the colors are subdued and the pistol grip is wrapped in tire rubber, which contributes to the gun’s Rustiness.  We very much hope to see this pistol in the game soon!

Wasteland Ghoul: This semi-auto rifle is about as realistically ugly as it’s possible to get.  The wood is scratched, the metal is all battered and rusted, and there’s a ghoul’s head carved into the back of the gun, which you’ll see every time you take aim. Nice job, Fred the Dog!

Leather Vest: A weathered old leather vest, (Hide Shirt in the game) with a stuck zipper and a highly realistic leather appearance.  A step up from naked savage, but not by much. 

Army Black Boots: These boots are the most highly detailed and realistic we’ve seen on the workshop yet.  There’s a rip in the left boot to show the steel toe, and even the soles of the boot are worn and dirty.  We can see nothing wrong at all with this skin.

Hide Poncho--The Skin of the Black Dragon: Putting aside the animal the artist imagines the skin coming from, this is an excellent hide poncho skin.  The cured reptile skin texture is convincing and fits the game well.  Now all we need are reptiles in the game.  @Devs: Could we please get some crocodiles in the rivers?

Harem Pants: These are hide pants in the game.  There’s crude stitching on the belt, a faded casual pattern on the legs, and the hem is a bit tattered.  It makes you look like you’ve been on this little island a long, long time.