Weekly Workshop Skin Review

We didn't have a "target rich environment" quite like we did last week, but we still had no trouble finding ten excellent skins to showcase for this week's Rust skin review.  

We are most interested in skins which look used and rusted if they come from the pre-apocalyptic past, or makeshift and handmade if they are made from new materials.  Skins like this fit the theme of the game and meet the Facepunch art guidelines.  They are Rusty.  

First up, here are the xtab releases for this week:


Saturday Night Special: Easy to build and somewhat unreliable, this little semi-auto pistol still packs a strong punch. Fits in your pocket, feels good in your hand.

Bronze War Mask:A bronze face mask, skillfully cast from metal mold. The design is enigmatic, but fierce.

Bronze War Plate: A bronze chest plate, formed by metal mold and access to a few pre-apocalypse tools. It's heavy and tough, and just may save your life in a fight. Just don't fall in any water.

Cobalt and Chrome: A wicked fierce war mask fashioned from a sheet of cobalt and car bumper chrome welded together. Sure, the cobalt is supposed to be poisonous, but you're unlikely to live long enough for that to matter.

Tribute Coffer:Found stuffed with bars of soft yellow metal, bundles of green bank notes and bags of mysterious white powder, this ornate box can be put to use storing VALUABLE things, like street signs and wolf skulls. There's a lot of salvage out there!


And now...Ten Rusty skins:


LCD Marine SAR: This semiautomatic rifle is packed with detail.  We love the glow-in-the-dark LCD counter, the scratched paint, and the corrugated metal parts.  Perfectly Rusty.

Salvaged Barrel Door:  Wondering where all those barrel parts go after you bang them open? Now you know. The blue portion has a cute little biohazard sticker, too. Get your Tetanus booster, lately?

TecSemi: This semi-auto pistol is probably the least Rusty skin we've chosen this week, but it's certainly not factory fresh, either.  It's got a nice, clean, molded metal appearance, heavy and solid in the hand.  

Where Eagles Dare: A camo metal face plate, very S.W.A.T. or Special Forces in style. It could use a little wear and tear for Rust, but is otherwise a very well done skin.

Uprising Hide Poncho: Wow!  Someone finally did something fantastic with a hide poncho! Lots of fine leather with detailed stitching and leather fasteners.  The skin also shows a lot of wear and tear, which is what Facepunch likes to see, improving approval chances.  

Recycled Garage Metal Door: This skin is by far and away the ugliest skin we saw this week. A wretched slab of rusted out corrugated sheet metal--just the sort of thing you see some grim, 3rd world industrial park or prison.  We love it!

Combat Boots: Vitalik offers up another excellent skin this week--combat boots.  Notice that the artist did not simply slap a pattern over the mesh.  Rather, there's separate attention to the top of the boot, the sole of the boot, and the ankle.  Stitching is carefully placed, and a lovely spattering of muck was added to the toes.  

Camo Netting-Woodlands: We're surprised to find the community overlooked this interesting skin in the workshop. It's a hide poncho, camo style, with a netting effect applied to the entire skin.  Looks very military / survivalist in style.

Arctic Strike Gloves:  A pair of weathered black gloves with the fingertips removed.  The roughened material and frayed stitching really helps you look like the grizzled cannibal survivalist you always wanted to be.

Fire Jacket: Why didn't we think of this?  This is a Vagabond Jacket with yellow safety striping like firemen and paramedics wear. While it is a violation of the Geneva Convention to shoot medics and rescue crew, you probably shouldn't count on other players to hold their fire...