March 3, 2017

xtab Main Asia and Barren Asia are both down due to problems with our upstream provider.  Could be another 12 to 24 hours to fix.  

 Our current xtab server list is as follows:


xtab MAIN - Asia - Vanilla 3K

xtab LITE SPEC - Asia - Barren 3K


xtab MAIN - Europe - Vanilla 3K

xtab LITE SPEC - Europe - Barren 3K


xtab MAIN - America - Vanilla 3k

xtab LITE SPEC - America - Barren 3k

PLEASE NOTE: Our xtab Main Asia server will wipe every two weeks. XP will only wipe when Facepunch forces an XP wipe.

Steam group

xtab now hosts a Steam Group, which is a forum where players on xtab servers can ask and answer questions about the game, make and break alliances, or simply vent their spleen about real or perceived injustices. Our admin monitors the Steam group and will jump in to answer server-specific questions as needed. If you want to join the group, just go here: 


Not only do we like making skins for Rust, we also like playing Rust, which is why we're now hosting six Rust servers around the globe.  Our servers all run on dedicated boxes at good hosting facilities. We also have a devoted admin--one admin for 6 servers, in different time zones, online an hour or two each day. We hope to add more servers, maybe one closer to you. Check back often. 

How We Roll

We're announcing our new policy: 

  • All our servers are vanilla
  • No mods
  • Admin doesn't spawn or delete stuff in the game
  • Admin doesn't do events
  • Admin doesn't play: In the interests of fairness and partiality, our admin does NOT play on xtab servers
  • We wipe whenever Facepunch tells us to do so
  • We'll send messages into the chat stream now and then to remind you about stuff, normally every 30 minutes

You should have the same experience as you'd have on an official server, only better.  We all play Rust a lot and like aggressive but totally fair play.


Don't abuse the admin. If you don't have a respectful, cordial tone when yelling at, chatting with, or griping about the admin or server owner, you will be muted on chat, guaranteed. Don't worry, you can still be silent but deadly.

xtab Asia        xtab America        xtab Europe



We understand that Rust is a highly competitive PVP game where emotions run can high, and well, salty.  Sometimes players will say and do things to each other they would never do in real life. We feel your pain, but our admin is not your nursemaid. We will not respond to complaints about offensive language or rough treatment in the game, nor will we remove misplaced objects, find your corpse, or refund lost explosives. We won't spawn or delete anything for you. Ever. Don't even ask.

We WILL consider calm, reasonable, and well-documented accusations about hacking. Video evidence is a helpful good thing.  Please understand that we do not ban players lightly, so if we don't ban players you think are hacking, it means we haven't seen sufficient evidence to justify the ban...yet. If you want to report a hacker, please fill out the form and we'll investigate.

We'll get back to you if we need to.

Your report is confidential.